Regional Issues

Delta Regional Authority

The Delta Regional Authority was authorized by Congress, and includes 235 counties/parishes. The organization will be similar to that of the Appalachian Regional Commission. The legislation and accompanying appropriation will make available $20 million to be competitively awarded to Delta projects, particularly for transportation and infrastructure improvements. The Authority must prioritize use of federal funds in the following order: Basic public infrastructure in distressed counties and isolated areas of distress Transportation infrastructure for the purpose of facilitating economic development Business development with emphasis on use of entrepreneurship Job training or employment-related education, with emphasis on use of existing public institutions located in the region. The Authority can provide matching funds for other state and federal programs, however there is a 90% cap on the federal share.

Wood Industry

The Wood Industry has been hard hit by both industry movement and national policy. Advancements in the manufacturing process requires immense investment and many fewer jobs than traditional operations. Trade agreements have allowed more imports, and the region, state, and national economy are feeling these hits.

Louisiana Department of Economic Development

The Department of Economic Development has reorganized its staffing resources to focus on 9 clusters, combining traditional and growth industries. This changing face of economic development is intended to bring a new focus on resident industry and targeted approaches.

Entrepreneurial Development

Kisatchie-Delta Regional Planning & Development District, Inc. is organizing and implementing an entrepreneurial development program and incubator study funded by a USDA Rural Business Enterprise Grant.

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