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Louisiana Workforce Investment Area 60: Plan Summary (draft) Available for Comment

The following excerpt provides an overview of the planning effort.

“The Sixth Planning District is pleased to provide this consolidated approach to providing employment and training services to employers and jobseekers in the Area 60 parishes. The plan also provides the process by which we will coordinate and collaborate with other Workforce Investment Boards in Region 6, to ensure our regional employers have their needs met in an efficient and effective manner. Services and funding will be distributed to ensure that area goals are realized, including the provision of services for the “Universal Customer”. We will work with regional business organizations, such as Central Louisiana Economic Development Alliance (CLEDA) and Kisatchie Delta Regional Economic Development District, and well as local Chambers of Commerce, economic development entities and other business groups to provide labor market information, business services data and information on incentives that are designed to benefit businesses. The building and cultivating of these relationships help to ensure that business needs are met, preferably with local people. We will further work to prioritize funds to ensure that our targeted populations for the area are served. These groups include individuals that are receiving UI benefits, public assistance, lowincome individuals, ex-offenders, and at-risk youth, including those in and aging out of foster care, and adjudicated youth, as well as others determined by the LWIB to be most in need, can receive core and intensive training services in high-growth, high demand, high wage occupations. Last, but certainly not least, LWIA 60 will embrace the Louisiana Workforce Commission’s AiM initiatives, specifically reemployment, WIA funds will be supplemented through the sharing of resources by partners such as Community Action Agencies (CAA) and other entities, solicitation of grants, and other private sector contributions. The integration of career center staff will be a major priority, to ensure that customers are not able to distinguish one program from another. Further, we will ensure the expansion of business development activities via Business Services and Recruitment & Placement Teams, in an effort to maximize the identification of employment opportunities yet minimize the duplication of effort. Continuous improvement to our service delivery system will be a constant aim. Empirical and anecdotal data, along with customer surveys and mystery shoppers will drive evaluation decisions to facilitate continued improvement. This will be married with input from program partners, the Youth Council, WIB 60, and the six parish presidents, who all acknowledge the importance of customer satisfaction as keys to the success of our programs and services. Our goal is to make excellence of service our norm.”